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:) :( :/ – Is that it?

    Why did you even want to read this?
    The subject is made from four random characters. Why would you even be interested what’s inside of that, wouldn’t it be more powerful or more tempting to have it written in a couple strong words?
    If you’re answer is yes and i sincerely hope it is, then let me get to the point.
    What’s wrong with expressing with words and actually use them more often than smileys, stickers and other. Today’s technology is evolving so quick and we are so used to adjusting that we’re not even noticing what we’re turning our selves into. How we will express ourselves depends on which little emoji or animal we thinks fits the best to our current mood. We aren’t even trying to think about writing down and actually saying a person how we feel, making them feel empathy for us. Simply understands us. And yet everyone think that that’s a normal thing.
    It’s not. It’s not normal and enough to use those little pictures to tell someone how you’re feeling, it’s not a measure of happiness, sadness, boredom, suffering, pain, luck, enjoyment, blessing, love, disappointment, disagreeing, frustration or much more, cause there are more emotions and feelings than that, you just need to find the right words to speak with someone about it. Have you heard of LegCat? You shouldn’t. Have you heard of pusheen? You really shouldn’t. Building our vocabulary is or at least it should be one of the important things in our evolvent. You can’t have a wide vocabulary or be productive in a conversation if you can not express yourself the right way if you don’t use irony or metaphors, if you don’t use any epithets. 
    And as Jack White said:
   “Technology is a big destroyer of emotion and truth. Auto-tuning doesn’t do anything for creativity. Yeah, it makes it easier and you can get home sooner; but it doesn’t make you a more creative person. That’s the disease we have to fight in any creative field: ease of use.”

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