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Antisocial, introvert, complicated?

What is it about? It’s what i ask myself everyday, if i don’t want to hang out with a lot of people if i always find something that bothers me even in my long time friends, and the number of that is little. 
    Last year i started going to college. As i am studying law people expect of me to be communicative and open, always there for an argument. I don’t feel like that. I am open for conversations when i am somewhere outside but i don’t feel like getting closer to people. I doubt in everyone and about today’s youth i think it’s all about who will and who can take advantage of you, i think that people lie a lot these days, and it’s hard to find someone who is honest with you, that’s  why I don’t even start building new friendships. When some colleagues invite me to go out i don’t even think about it i just think about what is the best excuse. Going on parties is not even a question, cancel it as soon as they mention it.
   Lot of things going out in my mind….

30                                                                IS THIS TRUE?


One thought on “Antisocial, introvert, complicated?

  1. I guess I feel the same at times too but we cannot be cut out from the world by not interacting with anyone! There are bad people out there who are going to take advantage of you and what not but there are some good people out there too and we have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. I tend to run away from people and not get attached to them, but I do not think it is a solution to any sort of problem. We have to be strong and deal with it. I agree with the antisocial thing but as I said earlier running away is not a solution to all your problems. I am still young and have a lot to figure out but this is what I thought about your post and wanted to share my views on it although I do not have any answer to your problem. I guess it’s something we’ll figure out in the years to come. 🙂

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